About The Author

Dan Ricoveri has always had a vivid imagination that manifested in a love for stories and magical worlds that you could only dream of. Growing up, his thoughts wandered to spellbooks, dragons, and celestial realms, which led him to publish original D&D stories with friends online. How Dan expressed his ideas transformed over the years, but his spark and fantastical inspiration remained.

He studied graphic design in college, but found it wasn't his true calling. Determined to follow his dream, he entered the entertainment industry and landed a role as a manager's assistant with a publishing company. Unsure of what would follow, he took his first steps into that world.

After proving himself on the job, he got the chance to write audio drama screenplays, which gained the attention of thousands of listeners online. His boss saw his creative spark and gave him a chance to become an official writer for the company.

Today, he writes both as a profession and as a pursuit of his dream to pen many books loved by people. He’s committed to writing, to inspire people to dream of life’s possibilities. Dan has a constant presence on his social media, even trying his luck on podcasts, or whatever medium is available to bewitch his audience, who he refers to as his friends.