They Dream of Flowers

Blake Jackson walked into a nightmarish world of royal rivalries and dark magic. Pulled by the strings of destiny to an emerald hill crowned with a magnificent Saucer Magnolia, Blake becomes the unexpected center of a centuries-old curse.

Follow Blake through growing superstition around a haunted mansion and its far-fetched rumors. Encounter the renowned women of the island of Floresta and the mystery of their heritage. Discover what holds the island captive with all its inhabitants in this timeless adventure.

They Dream of Flowers: Journey of the White Sage

The white sage, as he was called, was pretty famous around the archipelago of Floresta, but all legends have a start; this is the story of how the white sage traveled to the temple of the stars, to learn about his destiny, while he traversed the Veil of fairies, a mystical dimension on the other side of the world, where together with his friends, they closed the curtain of the mystics era.

They Dream of Flowers: Anthologies

The archipelago of Floresta is full of many mysteries and intrigue, same with may stories happened all over the place, learn a bit more of this mystical place full of legends and wonder, from its past, present and future, together many new and familiar faces.