They Dream of Flowers Delphinium

Sometimes, dreams mix with reality. Other times, real life mixes with nightmares. And a nightmarish world of royal rivalries and dark magic is exactly what poor Blake Jackson walked into. Pulled by the strings of destiny on an emerald hill crowned with a magnificent Saucer Magnolia, Blake became the unexpected center of a centuries-old curse.

Blake moved from the United States to the tropical Archipelago of Floresta with his mother and sister. They lived in what the locals knew as the haunted mansion on the Hill. All Blake knew of the Mansion was that his missing Father’s Uncle owned it till his last breath and that he was now the new heir to the Mansion. He never knew it was haunted until folks on the island purposefully avoided him, gave him sideways glances, and whispered when he entered the room. 

The growing superstition around the Haunted Mansion and the far-fetched rumors of what lay inside it made it the perfect location for certain powers to use it for different purposes, one of them being Nero Bluestone. With seemly normal objectives and hidden intentions, he assembles a team of four renowned women with special talents to create a show in Floresta’’s haunted mansion, Involving Blake as the new owner.

Many mysteries await our unlikely group of artists as the secrets of the monarchy and their magical destiny come to light, revealing the true nature of the Mansion’s Curse that holds the island captive. What would Blake’s fate be after this?